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US & UK Strike Houthis in Yemen

When we take a look at the market, gold backed off now, you had CPI reports today, I cover that in more detail in the financial market video.

In the gold, you can see how the market is just sort of hanging right here. You can see that you're up $16.80 as we're talking. There is no trend, you came down. If you take out the highs of today and you get back over this $2056 area that could spark some fireworks in the market because you have an outside day down. If you take that out, you often make a move.

What would it go just to the 18-day average and hang there? Or would it make a move up to the upper Bollinger Band? That's the question you have to ask yourself. 

The support in the market is the 200-day average in the Bollinger Band to $2013.40. The gold-silver ratio still favors gold over the silver market. 

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