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Wall Street & the COMEX! Different game, same tricks...

This week, Andrew Maguire sits down with ‘The Paradigm of Money’ director, Peter Antico, and narrator, Sean Stone, for a deep dive into the failings at the heart of the American financial system.

The trio take aim at market manipulation at large, with Andrew’s special guests revealing the shocking findings of their feature documentary on Wall Street corruption.

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00:00 Start

02:30 Introduction of Pete Antico & Sean Stone

10:16 ‘The Paradigm of Money’ trailer

18:49 The concept of Short-selling

21:20 Money Economy VS Physical Economy

23:00 2008 & 2020 Economic impact

28:00 How leveraged is the banking system?

30:52 Privatised Gains and Socialised Losses

33:45 The power of position concentration in COMEX

36:00 Wall Street VS Main Street 

48:00 Where’s the Fed’s gold?


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