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Why The Western Economy Can’t Survive. Feat. Bill Holter.

Samuel Briggs via Kinesis

In this week’s Live from the Vault, iconic financial commentator and life-long stockbroker, Bill Holter, joins Andrew Maguire to share his eye-opening examination of the West’s insurmountable debt.

As the Fed’s money-printing tactics start to closely resemble a Ponzi scheme, the precious metals expert explains, with mathematical certainty, why the current system is destined for bankruptcy. 

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00:00 Start

01:30 Bill Holter - the introduction

02:45 Jim Sinclair’s “QE to infinity and beyond” going since 2008

06:05 80% of all the dollars have been printed in the last 2 years!

09:05 About Central Bank Digital Currency (CNBC)

10:50 Bailing is already in place! How to get out of the system!

16:15 Silver as the fuse to break the financial system!  

20:00 Silver short positions, nickel blowing up and the Rubicon line

24:35 What would Bill do if he came from Mars?

28:20 Could silver and gold be confiscated?

32:00 Silver’s Backwardation described

35:40 About Exchange of Futures for Physical (EFP)

38:30 Final parting message From Bill Holter

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