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Window Dressing Should Be Over

So, in this market, if you take a look on a monthly basis, you were up 1.65% and we do have the highest close period in the history of gold on a monthly basis. Take a look at the chart. This chart, I'm just going back to [the year] 2008.

No prices before that were even lower. So gold finished off on a nice note. The weekly, you're back up to where you were, remember we got up as high back here into this area. So we've come back, but you can't argue that the market's not staying over the 18-week moving average and that's bullish.

When you take a look at the chart, you know, that we got up into here into the $2150s came crashing on down and then came back up and we're now having that correction. I told you we'd probably get a 50% bounce off the height of the low of that on the dailies. And you most certainly have. The pattern of the chart is bullish. Higher lows higher highs on a weekly basis. The support and the market is all the way back here and that number is going to lift. If you just take a look right now, what we have, you finished $1969.40 – the week before it was $1960, about $9 lower, and the week before that: $1950.90.

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