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6.99% yield paid on Gold with Kinesis Money

6.99% Gold Yield

We are excited to announce that the annualised return figures for the historic Holder’s Yield have now been released. Based on the payout made to Kinesis holders from October 6th 2020 - 2021, the yield paid to our holders was an average of 6.99%* on KAU holdings.

Kinesis has paid the world's first non-debt-based, passive yield on physical gold and silver.

The Holder’s yield is a proven, debt-free yield that competes with and, in many cases, outperforms traditional options in the market today, such as property, bonds, bank deposits and dividend-yielding stocks.

With the payout reaching a total of 2.84 million dollars’ worth of gold and silver, the Kinesis Monetary system is strongly positioned as a leading platform for purchasing and owning precious metals, forging a path to make precious metals accessible, available and usable for everyone.

Start earning a yield on Gold and Silver today


*Yields will fluctuate based on transaction volume. Please note that past yield figures are not indicative of future figures.

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