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Aztec Minerals: Released the results of 4-more near-surface drill holes

Aztec Minerals released the results of 4 holes today from its Tombstone Project, Arizona. These holes are 300m north of the previously released 4-hole Central Spoke pattern, along the Contention open-pit.

These include (note: these are true widths), which range from 30% to 55% of stated widths:

  • 13.71m @ 0.78 g/t Au, 23.5 g/t Ag or 1.09 AuEq g/t
    • Including 4.57m @ 3.65 g/t Au, 48.5 g/t Ag or 4.30 AuEq g/t
  • 19.81m @ 0.41 g/t Au, 11.1 g/t Ag or 0.56 AuEq g/t
    • Including 6.10m @ 0.77 g/t Au, 13.3 g/t Ag or 0.95 AuEq g/t
  • 57.91m @ 0.59 g/t Au, 11.8 g/t Ag or 0.75 g/t
    • Including 10.67m @ 1.57 g/t Au, 22.8 g/t Ag or 1.87 AuEq g/t
  • 30.48m @ 3.21 g/t Au, 45.6 g/t Ag or 3.82 AuEq g/t
    • Including 15.24m @ 6.18 g/t Au, 77 g/t Ag or 7.20 AuEq g/t

These were shallow drill holes and could be amenable to a bulk-tonnage, open-pit operation. Grades should be expected to increase at depth. There was a high-grade intercept peripheral to the underground tunnel, which is encouraging of 1.52m @ 12.8 g/t Au and 283 g/t Ag.

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