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Bias Turned Down

So when I look at the gold market, we had talked about if it's going to continue to fall, the 18-week moving average of closes could be where the market's heading at – that is still very much in play. For the're up 0.01%. So you're basically unchanged is what I'm saying and you can see what's going on here now, trying to make a knot out of that is difficult. If the market clears through these lows, then we can get a further break.

The pattern flip-flopped on us. If we take a look let's go back, just a little bit here, and take a look at what I'm showing you. At this point, you had higher lows higher highs, which you could not afford to take out. Was that low? So now we see the market came down [recently]. Here you [were] and you made a higher high and enclosed lower. Now, that changes, you don't have to get under this low. If you take it out right here, the $2329, I say that's enough to say the market's back into what we call on the swing lines – a downtrend: lower highs and lower lows.

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