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The BIS, the Bullion Banks & the Basel III Price Reset!

Natalie Laz via Kinesis

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire exposes the race major world banks are in to discreetly exit decades of accrued, loaned-out short bets against gold and silver, as Basel III reforms bring the precious metals market closer to an inflection point.

With the recent JP Morgan spoofing scandal adding empirical weight to Andrew’s insider reports, the London whistleblower drills even deeper into the industrial scale of market manipulation across elitist players.


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00:00 Start

01:35 JP Morgan spoofing trial is opening a can of worms!

06:25 UK Parliament in question about the ‘too big to fail’ banks.

18:30 Basel III and BIS - LFTV viewers' questions answered!

26:40 Gold and silver short game - using casino chips to buy even more chips!

38:15 How is Basel III changing the game? Are higher prices of gold ahead?

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