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Gold Chart December 1 2023

Spot gold prices are set to close at record highs. The run is relentless!

Despite what Fed Powell was saying today, Gold believes that the Fed is not going to raise or hold rates for an extended period of time; or they will not raise rates despite inflation being sticky.

Gold is sniffing out what is next, giving us clues that further inflation will erode fiat currencies.

There is no safe place to hide! Gold prices around the globe are rallying to fresh record price highs.

With the US Dollar gold price joining the party, you can expect another wave of buying momentum to come into the market now.

I fully expect significantly higher gold prices in the months ahead. The end of the stealth phase move of the gold bull market is over. It will finally be acknowledged and recognized by the mainstream.

Also, one should realize that gold prices are not hitting record highs, but rather that the US Dollar is hitting record lows against superior money. This is a big statement and telling that the US Dollar’s purchasing power is being eroded even further, more aggressively now.

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