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Is the Dollar’s Position under Serious Threat? Feat Dave Kranzler

Live from the Vault: Episode 95.

In this week’s Live from the Vault, the hedge fund expert and author of the Mining Stock Journal, Dave Kranzler, joins Andy Maguire for a deep dive into the mining business and precious metals markets.

The two industry leaders discuss the coordinated efforts behind the dollar devaluation, growing paper vs physical divergence, and the potential bullish scenario for gold that might unravel by the end of this year.


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00:00  Start

02:45  Dave’s mining stock market brief summary

09:00  Comparing the 2008 financial crisis with the current situation

12:00  Is coordinated effort needed to devalue the dollar?

16:35  About the physical gold market and rising premiums

22:00  The physical market draining liquidity from the paper market

28:30  About silver sharks closing the arbitrage gap in just 5 days

34:20  Why Andrew thinks this fourth quarter is going to be bullish?

36:10  Mining stocks - Dave’s in-depth overview

43:10  How can others benefit from Dave’s wealth-changing expertise?

49:05  Silver - Dave’s outlook and price prediction

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