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Don't Be Fooled by Gold's Stealth Bull

In Rick's Picks chatroom, the current topic du jour is the newly resurgent bull market in bullion. Unsurprisingly, some of the biggest skeptics are gold bugs who have grown used to having their hopes crushed by 'Mr. Slammy' whenever gold and silver stage a promising rally.

It is predictable nonetheless that bullish sentiment will eventually carry the day, bolstered in no small part by Spartacus --  a Rick's Picks regular known for his street savvy, his encyclopedic knowledge of the mining world, and his insightful posts in the chat room -- and other chat-room stalwarts who recognize the stealth character of the current phase of bullion's long-term uptrend.

No Second Chances
"Regarding the idea that gold and silver were going to get crushed," he notes, "I have been saying for two months that the pullbacks would be quick and shallow. That's just what we have seen. The psychology of market sentiment was revealing the cards for us all to see. I watched a video this weekend of some British guy laying out in great detail the correction going down to $2.000-2,100. That's just what everyone wants so they can get aboard. Sorry, but Mr. Market not going to give them a second chance."

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