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Even More Job Numbers Including ADP; Bank of Canada to Annual Monetary Policy

It doesn't feel like it, I know, but on a weekly chart, the market is up 0.11%. The market has come down and we have this pattern here, where if it leaks from here, then the market goes to another level and probably, you could end up back here into that support zone if this whole area (which is really bordered by from here, let's call it from that right there) you see that $2300 zone? That's what you're fighting with.

The market has a pattern of lower highs and lower lows bearish. The market has been fighting the battle at the 18-day average of closes, which is where I view the resistance at. Any move now, over and above on a close especially $2387.5 would be a pretty good indicator that gold is trying to find its footing here to stop these declines.

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