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G7 vs. BRICS; NATO vs. Russia & China: One Side has The Brains and The Gold...

Which team looks stronger to you? BRICS:


or G7:


Describing the photo above:

France: National Rally wins a historic 31.5% of the EU vote, forcing Macron to dissolve the national parliament.

Germany: AfD surges to become the 2nd largest party, liberal parties tank.

Belgium: Prime Minister resigns after his crushing defeat against the right.

Italy: Meloni's Brother of Italy wins in a historic landslide

Austria: FPÖ doubles their seats and becomes the largest party in the nation.

Spain: Right beating the left by 10%.

Luxemburg: First ever seat for ADR.

But the reality is Europe is a Failed State (see chart below)

Members of NATO are Naive pawns of the Sad & Pathetic USA which has waged 251 wars/conflicts since 1991.

The US Dollar just collapsed all in the past 4 days

  1. Saudi Arabia ditches 50 year Petro-dollar deal which saw US Military protection in exchange for oil trade using Worlds reserve currency.
  2. Russia suspends trading in US Dollars in Moscow Stock Exchange.
  3. China dumps largest amount of US Treasury Bonds in one go $53.3Billions worth

Meanwhile in The USA
Global empires have an average lifespan of 250 years, and the US is 248 years old. As such, the US has all the symptoms of late stage empire:

  • an overextended military
  • excessive indebtedness
  • a degenerating culture
  • and an accelerating money printer.



The U.S House of Representatives has approved the CONFISCATION of FROZEN Russian assets and their transfer to Ukraine.

This is a signal to China, Saudi Arabia and every other country that holds US Treasuries and bonds that US can freeze and seize their assets at any point. What do you think will happen to the US bond market?

If Europe is any indication of things to come the Democrats are going to get crushed at the US elections. The people want peace. It’s time to reform the rotten and corrupt system.

GOP and DEMS are both part of the Parasitic Class that is using Ukraine and dozens of other wars (over past decade) to Steal Taxpayers money through War Profiteering and Insider Trading.

The people can fight back by stacking Silver.

How it works:

1. Convert your Federal Reserve Notes (printed money not backed by anything) to Silver and Gold. So you are not buying Silver; you're simply trading paper for real money!

2. Start with Silver, which is in "beast mode."

3 Gold will hit $3,000 this year.

4. Gold to Silver Ratio will hit 60 within a year (most likely). There are reputable precious metals analysts suggesting the Gold to Silver Ratio to go as low as 15 which would place silver at $200 per ounce

5. This places our Silver target at $50 within a year.

6. Today's price of Silver is about $29 per ounce.

7. The percentage increase from $29 to our price target of $50 is 65%.


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