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Gold Price Support: A Call To Arms

  1. image-20210427185437-1Click to enlarge this horrifying dollar versus gold chart.
  2. It can be persuasively argued that the bull era for gold has been here since the beginning of civilization.  
  3. The D-grade track record of government money against gold, silver, and now crypto… is indisputable.
  4. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this weekly gold chart.  A key moving average crossover buy signal is imminent. 
  5. Since arriving at my important buy zone of $1671, technical green shoots for gold continue to appear.
  6. While gold is often soft on Tuesdays, that’s just short-term noise. A rally to $1820-$1850 looks likely.
  7. In the short-term, a spike in corona virus cases in India is likely to put a damper on imports in the physical market, but the Chinese central bank appears ready to resume its monthly gold buy program.
  8. Once the corona case spike ends in India, the physical market is likely to overwhelm any childish selling by leveraged gamblers in the American paper market… and then gold is likely set to challenge the big resistance zone of $2000.
  9. Investors who bought into my $1671 “call to arms” support zone are already booking juicy 20% profits in key senior miners… and 40%-70% in some of the juniors!
  10. I recommend buying the miners at my key bullion buy zones, and then selling for quick 20%-50% profits.
  11. This is probably the best way for precious metal investors to outperform even the greatest growth stock money managers in America.
  12. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this interesting gold fund chart.
  13. Investors can buy gold systematically with small purchases of this OUNZ-AMEX fund.  It’s run by Van Eck/Merk.
  14. After buying, investors have the option to take delivery of their purchases as the “fizz” (physical metal), in coins or bars!
  15. In theory, that gold could then be sold tax-free, but investors should consult their accountants before doing anything that local tax authorities might frown upon.
  16. Next, please click here now. Double-click to enlarge what is obviously another horrifying performance of US government fiat versus a private currency (bitcoin).  
  17. I’ve partnered with a hardcore fundamentalist and dubbed him as the “king of crypto”.  He’s helping investors focus on the highest-quality coins that represent serious businesses, including one that could become the world’s largest energy company. 
  18. At the Crypto Palace newsletter, we have a special limited time offer for gold community readers.  To access it, please click here now.
  19. Crypto and gold seem to be functioning as a whack a fiat mole tag team. What about silver?
  20. Well, please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this daily silver chart.
  21. As gold arrived at my last buy zone of $1778, silver rocketed from $22-$23 to $27-$28!   
  22. From the current buy zone of gold $1671, silver has staged a solid rally, from about $24-$25 to almost $27.
  23. Gold is the ultimate currency.  Buying silver and key miners at the best support zones for gold is the simple way for enthusiastic gold bugs to turn themselves into profitable family offices. 
  24. I’ll be at my “call to arms” post with the world’s largest bullhorn… when gold’s next price reaction puts it at one of these key zones to buy!




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