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A Golden Easter Egg

  1. The world endured endless wars under Barrack Obama, all in the name of “Regime change, to free the people!”  Millions starved and hundreds of thousands were killed. 
  2. Yet, in one of history’s most ironic moments, this man was awarded the Nobel prize… for peace.
  3. Please click here now. Incredibly, with the US government much deeper in fiat debt than when the Obama administration was in power, Janet Yellen hints that a new phase of American debt-funded meddling in other nations is set to begin.
  4. Trump tried to make an empire of fiat great again.  Sadly, nothing founded on fiat can ever be made great for long, if at all.  Here’s why:
  5. Fiat money is a Ponzi scheme.  It doesn’t matter which country’s flag is draped on the scheme; it’s still a just an evil scheme to enrich and empower the elite… at the expense of the poor and middle earners who believe the scheme is in place to help them.
  6. Please click here now. In the 1966-1980 era of Main Street inflation (MSI), Henry Kissinger took time off from war mongering to arrange for all of the world’s oil to be priced in US fiat.
  7. Kissinger used the Arab producer nations as scapegoats for the higher oil prices that propped up the dollar, and he was able to stave off the hyperinflation that coming off the gold standard threatened to create.
  8. The inflation genie is threatening to make a new appearance, and several years ago I suggested that America (and most of the West) was likely at a time that greatly resembled 1966.
  9. Suddenly, heavyweights like Bank of America’s Mike Hartnett are waving red flags themed on inflation, and they are not talking about a little flash in the pan that the  Fed says is nothing to worry about.
  10. The problem today is that the fiat-oriented American government and central bank have used up most of the schemes that kept the empire from collapsing.
  11. QE, oil pricing, regime change, and FATCA were the main ace cards in the government’s deck.  All that is left now is the major war card, but American cities have no bomb shelters and germ/chemical warfare preparation for the citizens is almost non-existent.  The US government failed miserably against the Corona virus.  What would happen in a major chemical or germ warfare attack? 
  12. The answer is likely something out of a Mad Max movie.  Civil war in America would probably follow a confrontation with highly organized China or bomb-sheltered Russia.
  13. image-20210406202316-1 Click to enlarge.  From the early 1970s (and for all of history), fiat money has been in an endless downtrend against limited supply gold.
  14. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this US fiat versus bitcoin chart.  Government fiat is a dismal failure compared to private money, both gold and crypto. 
  15. The more that their fiat fails, ironically, the more aggressive the governments and central banks become about defending what should obviously be jettisoned.
  16. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this fabulous weekly gold chart.  There’s a Stochastics crossover buy signal in play and the lead moving average line is beginning to turn up.
  17. I predicted that Indian citizen “titans of ton” would put a floor under gold at the $1671 support zone.  Has that happened?
  18. To find out, please click here now. While the analysts of West waste time talking about how gold supposedly pays no interest (not true) and press their GLD-NYSE sell buttons in childish panic, the citizens of India (and hopefully some gold bugs in America) buy record amounts of the world’s ultimate asset!
  19. In India, gold deposit accounts that pay interest in gold or fiat are commonplace.  Silly Western commentators who haven’t done their homework imagine that gold should be sold on a price sale, while savvy investors in India consistently set world records for tonnage bought on the biggest sales.
  20. When private money bugs glance regularly at the long-term charts that show the horrifying failure of fiat against gold and crypto, it’s pretty easy to be an eager buyer of gold and silver, alongside India and the banks.
  21. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this daily chart for gold.  The action on the weekly chart suggests a breakout move above $1754 is imminent.
  22. That would open the door for a rally to $1820, but this is “small potatoes”.  The big action comes when the bad inflation news hits and institutional money managers storm out of the stock market and into the miners.
  23. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this GDX daily chart.  A move over $1754 for gold is likely to push GDX over the $34.48 highs, and that would ignite a rally to $39.
  24. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this marvellous GDX versus GLD chart.  With a magnificent inverse H&S bottom pattern in play, it appears that the Easter Bunny really did bring the world’s mining stock enthusiasts a golden egg.  Cheers! 



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