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Gold's Squeaky Wheel Gets Some Oil

  1. Please click here now. Over the past few decades, the decline of the fiat-oriented American empire has been accelerating.
  2. The nation now looks a bit like an aging boxer who has become more of a punching bag than a fighter. 
  3. Debt, pestilence, money printing, failed trade and regime change schemes, QE, OTC derivatives mayhem… the list of horrors seems endless, and a potential recession could ice the rancid cake.
  4. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. A nice bull wedge pattern appears to be in play on the daily gold chart.
  5. A December or January upside breakout is highly likely.
  6. Ahead of the Chinese New Year buying season, gold and silver investors require only modest patience. 
  7. For the child who never matures, government becomes their baby bottle and central banks function as diapers. 
  8. In contrast, for the sane adult, private money (gold, silver, and perhaps some crypto) is the logical choice.
  9. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this fabulous weekly gold chart.
  10. The technical action of my key 14,5,5 series Stochastics oscillator is in perfect sync with the approach of Chinese New Year.
  11. My suggestion (which I’m acting on myself) is to be a light buyer of key mining stocks and ETFs like GDX, SIL, and GOAU right now.
  12.  If gold trades down towards $1800-$1750, investors should then buy with more size. 
  13. A looming recession might bring stagflation, but for now, this is a time to buy and 2021 Q1 and early Q2 should be a good time for profit booking.
  14. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this Bitcoin chart.  Bitcoin has staged a magnificent rally… and it now trades at about eight times the price of gold!
  15. I’m selling a modest amount of Bitcoin into the uptrend and allocating some of the fiat proceeds into key “alt” coins that sport positive chart patterns. 
  16. Investors who want to get in on the crypto action can check out my  newsletter.
  17. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this FXI “Chinese Dow” daily chart.
  18. Some investors may feel guilty about being invested in the US stock market, because it often soars as Main Street swoons. 
  19. That’s because the American central bank pumps the market with socialist handouts on every dip, but calls it capitalism!  Ironically, Asian markets may now offer investors less socialist sizzle and more capitalist steak.
  20. Also, Chinese and Indian citizens buy gold to celebrate good times.  That makes an ongoing rise in the FXI very good news for both stock and gold market investors. 
  21.  Please click here now. Double-Click to enlarge this FCG natural gas ETF chart.  There’s a fabulous bull wedge and upside breakout.
  22. The speedy launch of the Corona vaccines is making oil & gas a “must buy” asset class.
  23. Stoploss enthusiasts can take note of the low at $6.80 and place a stop just under there.
  24.  For myself, I’m a buying now and more on any dip, for both FCG (natural gas) and XLE (oil).  I invite mining stock investors who may have a few squeaks in their portfolio to seriously consider… adding some oil!




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