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Goldseek Nugget - David Haggith: Anticipating Fed Moves


David Haggith, head of The Daily Doom brings us "The News, Before the News" discusses the $2,329 GOLD; we discuss our technical forecasts for gold, silver, stocks and oil, and the surprising stories behind the scene, on the total solar eclipse.

- Why did states along the total eclipse prepare for disaster?
- Was the magnitude 5.0+ earthquake that struck NY and NJ associated with the event?
- Might the 1812 New Madrid Earthquake offer some insights into the next 3 months, in the US?
- Have you read the brilliant researcher, Rupert Sheldrake's paper, "Is the Sun Conscious?"
- Is the Elia's effect resolved? (where pendulums go wild during total eclipses - if you'd like a new solution.).
- David Haggith says, the Fed may shock investors with a rate hike!

The reason that I thought gold would have some trouble at first, is that the Fed isn't at the end of its rate hiking cycle. He had in my opinion and so I feel like that will give trouble and we saw some interesting action there. You know, your show on Goldseek Radio, was the first place where I ventured out what I thought was a lone opinion. I hadn't heard it from anybody else, which is like I said, 'The Fed was more likely to raise rates than it would be to lower rates.' I said, 'Although it would be loathe to do that, too.'

So l didn't know if it would have the courage to do it. Well, we saw some very interesting statements from the Fed.

Now, one of the things I said on your show was I really thought that even the idea of rate cuts in June was way too ambitious and that people were really reaching to think that was going to happen. So now we got Neel Kashkari, the head of [the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis] coming out as the advanced spokesperson of the Fed saying, possibly no rate cuts at all, in 2024. And then the day after he spoke, Fed Governor [Michelle] Bowman – she came out and said, 'Well, actually, 'I think the Fed's next move could quite possibly be a rate hike.'

And there it was – the Fed finally said what I had on Goldseek Radio probably two months ago: That the next possible move would actually be a hike. And the reason I gave that was the same reason both of these and the Fed Governor and the Minneapolis Fed president gave which is that: The economy is loosened up so much, the financial sector is loosened up so much that inflation is back to running you know sideways at best, if not back upward and the Fed's going to need to tap that on the head and knock it down again. 

- Will 1970's style prices force the Fed to crush the domestic economy to contain the inflation genie?
- Has crude oil broken out and likely to run to new records in sympathy with gold and global conflict?
- T-Bonds are plunging on renewed Fed rate hike fears.

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