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Goldseek Nugget - David Haggith: Gold Will Likely Keep Going Higher


David Haggith, head of The Daily Doom, examines the domestic, macro economic trends with big implications for the financial markets, including gold.

Haggith says:

"I wouldn't be nervous that this is a maniacal rally that is going to fall and crash. I think it's more that the gold people are seeing something that the Fed people aren't seeing. They are seeing the stuff that I'm seeing, and so that will probably keep taking the price of gold up higher then."

- David comments on the official BLS inflation and rate charts.
- Is the Fed making the right decision on rates?
- The US 10 Year Treasury Yield - will the trend lead rates from 5% to 10%?
- The gold chart continues to defy gravity - will the king of currencies ascend to $2,500?
- Another key central bank announced plans to accumulate gold.
- US shares are also holding near all-time records - we review the S&P 500 chart.
- A review of the crude oil chart.

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