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GoldSeek Nugget -- Harry Dent: US equities are treading water, Gold will shine


Harry S. Dent Jr., "The Dean of Demographics,", sees recession on the horizon for the domestic economy.

2.20 - Fed too hawkish?
3.00 - Recession to clear the economic brush and set the stage for the next economic boom?
6.30 - Long dated Treasury ETFs?
7.20 - Gold will shine brightly, in the next bull run, due in part to epic demand from India.
9.30 - US equities are treading water, as investors search for direction.
12.15 - It may be advisable to shift funds away from paper assets into tangible, hard-asset classes.
14.00 - BTC could reach bargain levels under $11,000 and ETH under $550.
14.20 - The next BTC rally could exceed $165k.
15.20 - Binance - the next shoe to drop?
15.25 - CBDCs, Revenge of The CB's, a temporary uppercut to the digital realm?
16.30 - BTC and ETH, the AMZN and APPL respectively, of 2003?
17.20 - Tony Robbins' Platinum Group speech.

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