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GoldSeek Radio -- Bill Murphy: After 12 years of frenzy, modern investors are blissfully unaware...


Bill Murphy of and LeMetropole Cafe , says once the price suppression passes, investors will send gold and silver sky-high,once the "cartel" loses control.

After 12 years of meme-stock related frenzy and IPO bonanza, modern investors are blissfully unaware of the highly over-valued nature of most paper asset classes.

Bullion is the asset class of choice once once the next global economic trap-door springs open.

Few deep-pocketed institutional investors, money-managers and pension funds have insured their client's funds via at least 10-20% PMs allocation.

Additional key wild-cards impacting the potential upside for gold: record inflation around the globe, atypical energy expenses, and the largest European ground-war since WWII.

With gold and silver bullion selling at or near the price of production, only time will tell if this is the ideal time to take advantage of bargain prices...

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