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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Aaron Brickman: Gold Surpassing $2,500 Sooner Than Expected


With gold touching a new All-Time Record of $2,250+, Aaron Brickman joins me for a powwow with the dynamic charting video feature.

- Is gold on track to top our 2024 target of $2,500 sooner than expected?

Yeah, I mean, well it's a heck of a candle. So it's a good count. I mean, if you're bullish, it's a good candle. It leaves plenty of room for consolidation, right?

I don't even think, even $1952...I mean you're back. It's all I'm horseshoes and hand grenades meaning I don't get too analytical about the exact number but it would be...I think his deal is; Martin Armstrong is a super cycle guy. So he's looking at the cycles and the cycles are telling him there's going to be a pullback and then he's way more concerned – and when I say concerned, he thinks there's way more bullishness on the other side of this consolidation as you head into the summer and into the fall, and especially as it concerns geopolitical events...

- Geopolitical risks continue to ratchet up making the case for gold ownership even more compelling.
- Gold and silver may be unobtanium...
- Will gold climb the proverbial "Wall of worry" for the next 18ths, eclipsing $3,000?
- Is $2,000 the Maginot line, where the price will never fall below, in our lifetimes?
- As the Dow Jones nears our 2024 target of 40k, will a reaction occur before the run to 50k?
- Why did the last 20 largest earthquakes occur exclusively in 8 months and might this stunning statistical/scientific finding save thousands of lives in major cities near the Ring-of-fire?
- Will the Stock market axiom, "Sell in May and walk away," be applicable in 2024?
- Did Aaron identify a striking parallel between Cisco circa 2000 -- peaking in the year 2000, and falling by 90% in the next 2 years -- and nVidia 2024?
- Might a divergence in NVIDIA precipitate an overall tech decline, mirroring the era or will the epic AI/ AGI/Quantum Computing theme dominate for years to come?

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