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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Aaron Brickman: "We Are Headed to a New Financial System"


Aaron Brickman, a Financial cycles analyst, returns with must-hear market commentary.

- The intellectual and entertainment value of the Art of Speculare or Speculation.
- September and October are traditionally challenging months for equities. 
- Have the inviolable laws of economics been suspended by policymakers machinations?
- The 4th Turning.
- The BRICS nations just added: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, and UAE; controlling about 80% of global oil supply.
- Pareto distribution and the impact on virtually all key human behaviors.
- How Nassim Taleb's impressive body-of-work supports the Pareto concept in financial arenas.
- Might the next economic downturn eclipse the Great-Depression in magnitude, 70% decline?
- Would such a global-crash ignite the next worldwide conflict?
- Is a 5-sigma-event inevitable.
- Are the lines being drawn in Eurasia and the Pacific for the next big global conflict?
- Is Chairman Powell defending the US Dollar and T-bonds?

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