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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bill Murphy on the Gold Cartel Price Suppression


Bill Murphy of Lemetropole Cafe and, reviews his latest insights on "gold cartel" manipulation.

- Is the gold and silver suppression scheme losing it's stranglehold on the markets?
- Mining shares are trading at a delicious discount and gold is "holding it's own."
- US denominated 90% silver coins, dimes, quarters and halves may represent a solid long-term investment for financial and personal security.
- Higher rates and inflation makes gold and silver considerably more appealing assets.
- The current rate hike cycle may be in the early-innings.
- The duo remember a fallen-gold comrade, Mr. Jim Sinclair of JSMineset, a former trader with the Hunt brothers during the silver squeeze era.
- Another fallen friend, Mr. Nick Barisheff of BMG group recently passed.
- Is the silver market a short-squeeze opportunity begging to occur?
- By the time that investors represent the Bitcoin-like opportunity in the PMs sector, lightning moves higher may become commonplace.
- Why are central banks, deep-pocketed investors in the know, buying gold and over fist?

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