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GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bob Hoye -- A financial mania like no other

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The head of Charts & Markets, Mr. Bob Hoye and host tip their hats to legendary Star-Trek captain, William Shatner, who finally flew to the stars this week via Jeff Bezo's Blue-Origin rocket team, resulting in the headline: "Beam me up Bezos!"  

Bob shares riveting commentary on financial history, noting similarities with the past and the current, "Greatest Bubble in History" Nevertheless, the bubble could soon burst due in no small part to "The Greatest Shut-down in History" Adding to concerns, a slew of issues in the global supply-chain in virtually every key sector. According to analyst Michael Snyder, officials are warning Americans to prepare for shortages to become the new-norm, for years to come.

While bullish investors see blue skies to the horizon, with nearly 2,000 new IPOs, and hundreds of billions of dollars raised on new issues; our guest views these events as emblematic of a financial mania, noting the five previous versions ended with a severe crash in asset prices. 

Bob Hoye shares insights on Chapter 9 of his treatise on financial history, shedding light on the financial challenges throughout history.

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