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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: Gold Miners Will Do Well in the Coming Post-Bubble Contraction


From his home office in scenic Vancouver BC, Market historian and author, Bob Hoye of comments on the big momentum building in the gold sector.

- Post-bubble contraction conditions could impact housing.
- The current St. Louis Fed's FFF's contract suggest solid probabilities of one more rate hike at the Nov. FOMC meeting.
- A recession may be imminent and unavoidable.
- Comparing the great traders of the past to today's leaders.
- Triumph of the human spirit over insurmountable odds!
- Bob Hoye is wildly bullish on the PMs sector: "In a post-bubble contraction, gold's real price goes up and profit margins for gold mining improve and so in the post-bubble deflation, the earnings for gold miners go up. So when you're buying gold stocks, you're investing in a stream of improving earnings."
- The host anticipates a big rate-cut cycle from the FED beginning mid-2024 dropping rates several percent abruptly, unseating the Greenback and sending PMs and cryptos soaring.
- Both guest and host expect gold miners to outperform in 2024.
- Bob's website and newsletter: Charts & Markets

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