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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye on a New Gold Standard


Market historian and author, Bob Hoye of applies mountains of historical, financial precedents supporting the explosive move higher in gold and especially silver.

- If silver continues to outperform gold, might this indicate a financial crisis is imminent?
- With the Dow Jones at our 40,000 target, is 50,000 next or a bust?
- If US equities indexes roll-over, will this coincide with a "Great-Depression?"
- Bob finds stunning corollaries between the abrupt rate hike and past financial crises.
- With the Case Shiller Housing Index and US shares indexes roaring to new all-time records, might rumors of economic demise be greatly exaggerated?
- Instead, with rates abruptly higher and entering a new uptrend, might the mountain of low yielding debt transitioning into US shares, Housing, Gold and related cryptos?
- Bob suggests that listeners reach out to us to get his list of favorite gold and silver junior miners.
- Must read FREE online text and or audio to Michael Saylor's AND Prof. Nassim Taleb's favorite book, a must for every investors summer-reading list:
- If you'd like to ask Bob Hoye a question - dial our Q&A hotline 24/7, leave a message, 828-554-1203 and send a message -

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