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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: Positive Outlook for Gold Stocks

Bob Hoye answers listener's Q&A with commentary on the gold market. Bob worked in the Junior Mining field and now is a financial historian and author / founder of: (

- Bob notes sagging domestic economic figures.

- Is euphoria in the US stock market leading to a big reaction?
Hoye predicts we are at the peak of the bull market and the rest of the year, and perhaps ongoing, will be gloomy. The exciting times in US markets are going to correct soon. 

- Is the US Treasury market putting in an investable bottom?

- Will investors adhere to the "Sell-In-May and Walkaway" mantra?

- With the XAU and HUI perking-up, when will gold shares catch gold-fever?

- Once the GDX outperforms the S&P for a couple of quarters, there will be equity fund managers who will see this, and you will have a new kind of gold buyer. The outlook for gold stocks is very good.

- Are junior gold miners a prudent speculative investment?

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