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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: We Are in an Inevitable Severe Recession


Market historian and author, Bob Hoye of Charts & Markets comments on the big momentum building in the gold sector.

Hoye explains the yield curve as the difference between long rates and short rates. He says, "In a boom, short rates like T-bills will get higher than long rates like bonds. That's the yield curve. Presently, the yield curve is inverted. On charts, I've got the yield curve charted back to 1857. The rule is, when you get an inversion, you get a recession."

- Following a decade of near zero interest rates, the free money bonanza has ignited speculative frenzy.
- Uranium hits 12 month high, after months of recommendations on Radio!
- Black Gold hits 15 month high, after months of recommendations on Radio!
- The extraordinary 14 year bull market in the Dow Jones, suggests 40,000 Dow.
- Hindenburg Omen: Hindenburg Omen - Wikipedia
- Hindenburg Omen signal: !BINYHOD - NYSE - Hindenburg Omen (NBD)
- Positive comments on the gold mining sector - GDXJ.
- Length bull market on gold mining shares due to improving EPS.

- Bob's website and newsletter: Charts & Markets

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