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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty Is a “Big Believer” in Resource Stocks, Gold & Silver

Bob Moriarty, founder of, returns to the show from his home in the South of France with an update on the financial markets.

Moriarty says:

Last month, US debt went up $600 billion and nothing special happened that month. Credit card interest rates are now 29%. Defaults on sub-prime auto loans are the highest they've ever been. The increase in mortgages has killed the real estate market. I see a massive crash. But like everyone else, I can predict the crash, I just can't predict when. I'm a big believer in resource stocks and gold and silver, not as a religion, but as an insurance policy. While bonds and the stock market may be going up now and resource stocks and gold and silver are going up, bonds are going to have their 'come-to-Jesus' moment and the stock market is an accident waiting to happen.

- Gold shares blasted higher - the XAU and HUI broke-above holding patterns.
- PMs shares versus the general US equities market.
- Mining stocks could go 10x and even 100x!
- After 14 years of near zero rates, "free-money", the preference for risk is waning.
- Resource stocks are preferable to more risky paper-assets.
- Is an oil-embargo in the cards?
- Big prospects for modular nuclear plants and uranium shares.
- Resource investments may remain solid for months to come.

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