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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty: Gold Sentiment Insights


Bob Moriarty is exuberant on the gold and silver price maneuvers. We review the live video charts of several key investments. Bob is the founder of

- Bob reviews the PMs markets in lieu of the gold breakout and Jake Bernsteins sentiment indicators.

Now as you're well aware, I am a big believer in the daily sentiment indicator put out by Jake Bernstein...if you go back to February 26-27. Okay, the sentiment on gold that day was 69. So, gold has gone from about $2030 to $2187. There's been a perfectly normal correction and the sentiment today, it was the same as 2 and a half weeks ago.

- While gold has exploded higher, the sentiment indicator is still wildly bullish.
- Bernstein's sentiment indicator is used by Bob as a powerful contrarian indicator.
- When the indicator reaches a peak, the market is due a correction, conversely, when the indicator reaches a nadir, a rebound may be imminent.
- We review the silver peaks and troughs using Bernstein's indicator and visual cues in the historical price charts.
- With favorable sentiment indicators, will silver make an attempt to breach $30?
- Bob suggests that very positive price action may loom ahead for the PMs sector in 2024.
- Louis Bachelier, the creator of the futures contract concept.
- Is silver approaching a "catapult-like" moment, where price launches into the ionosphere?
- We review Bernstein's indicator on Bitcoin.
- The cup is half full, investing strategy; when investors have epic paper gains, why not sell half and place a trailing stop?
- We review the XAU & HUI market price structure, in their real-time charts.
- Will the HUI 3x during the next big bull rally?

- Bob's Audio Books.

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