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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty: Insights on Corrections


- Bob reviews the PMs markets following this weekend's developments in the Middle East.
- A new gold derivative market shot up to $3,000 before sharply correcting.

There was a – I'm gonna call it a "Bitcoin knockoff ETF" that's tied to gold – and it went to just short of 3000, gold was up at 25% at one point, okay and sanity came back. But here's what I think and understand; there's two different situations. The market reacts the way the market should react, and the other is we start World War III. And if we start World War Ill, all bets are off, obviously. But gold should correct now, I don't think it'll be a big correction, but I'd like to see a correction for eight or ten days and I'd be happy...and then I think it's going higher and I think it's going much higher and that's true of both gold and silver.

-  Will a pause that refreshes send gold and silver higher?
- Gold shares are starting to move - what could send them flying?
- We review the SPX chart - Bob comments on the current reaction.
- The price of crude oil is also perking up - of integral is the regional conflict in the Middle East?
- Is the current crisis in the region the biggest development in 1000 years?

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