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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty: It's the End of the Western Debt-Based System


Bob Moriarty, founder of, returns with insights on the financial markets.

- US equities sell-off followings hawkish Fed commentary.
- Could the end of "easy-money" near-zero rates implode the Western debt laden economy? 

"People think of a 7% interest rate mortgage as high. I can assure them it's not. It got up to 18% in 1980. The Fed's continuing to raise rates is going to blow the bond market sky high. It's total chaos, and the end of the Western debt-based system.

Biden and the Fed poured money into the system and set up a total disaster. Interest rates were far too low. They were zero or lower in Europe and people were borrowing money thinking they would never have to pay it back."

- Soaring "black-gold" crude oil has profound implications on overall price levels, i.e., inflation.
- Is the Petro-dollar arrangement unravelling in real-time?
- Ex-military (120+ flight missions) strategic commentary on the Ukrainian situation.
- PMs shares commentary.
- Are gold and resource mining companies selling for pennies on the dollar?
- 10x - 100x investing opportunities!
- How to emulate Sir John Templeton's amazing investing returns.
- Opportunities in resources: Lead, zinc, copper, gold, silver, uranium.
- Is the West on the cusp of runaway inflation, Zimbabwe / Weimar style?
- Moriarty calls crypto "electronic Beanie Babies" 
- The financial system (via interest rates) blowing sky high is causing more shortages in the supply chain. 
- It's advisable to stockpile 1-year's meals as storable food in the pantry.

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