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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty: A New High in Gold Will Wake People Up


Bob Moriarty, founder of, returns with insights on the financial markets and wishes viewers in the US a Happy Thanksgiving!

Moriarty says everyone in the junior resource market knows that from March of this year until now, it has been a complete disaster, even for the greatest gold stocks. It's going to take a new high in gold to wake people up.

- Extraordinary precious metals shares are selling for pennies on the dollar.
- Once gold closes above the previous high around $2,100, shares could launch into space.
- Will investors shift focus from general US equities in favor of precious metals shares?
- Will tax-loss season finish by December 15th?
- Could the global financial system be on the cusp of a 1929-Great Depression, scenario.
- Hundreds of billions of dollars of interest rate related losses could be plaguing the financial sector.
- Is our Pentagon basing current nuclear-policy on outdated concept of "mutually assured destruction?"
- If so, might this miscalculation underestimate the risk of a Russian Poseidon coastal strike?

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