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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty: Predicting a Sustained Rally in Gold Markets


Bob Moriarty comments on the amazing gold rally at $2161. Bob is founder of, reviews the live video charts of several key investments.

- Bob expects gold and related shares to rally while US shares sag.

We have had a very interesting 10 days in gold. It went up $40 in a day and then it hit new highs [streak] four dates in row. I think it was up 7 out of 8 days or 8 days out of 9 days – and what's really interesting to me (I follow sentiment closely) and the daily sentiment indicator only got up to $83. That's with a new all-time high in gold, a $150 move in a week and strange enough sentiment did not go up that much. Interestingly enough, all it took was a $20 down day and sentiment dropped substantially.

So I'm going to say in the discussion that I had a week ago, I think we've got a big rally. It's going to continue for 6-7 months. The gold shares will get picked up and they're gonna move 100, 200, 300% percent because they haven't even started moving.

- Silver rallies 15% this week is $30 silver on the table?
- The duo believe that once silver breaks through $28, the price may run to new record highs.
- The shift away from paper assets for tangible assets.
- Bob's dogfights in combat! "Crap Shoot" and amazing gooks! Buy here.

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