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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty Says the Fed Tries to Be Confusing


Bob Moriarty, founder of, reviews the live video charts of several key investments.

- Fed Chairman Powell may bauk on rate cuts, choosing QT over QA!
- Bob cautions investors to avoid "herd" mentality.
- We review the current Fed rate cut probabilities, suggesting 1-2% rate cuts this year in the benchmark overnight lending rate 
- Will the Mid-East drama send crude oil soaring or is another epic buying opportunity ahead?
- Is the industrial metal, Lithium approaching bargain valuation, territory and might silver also 10x as quickly as Lithium did 2 years earlier?
- We review the enticing chart of the HUI, junior gold mining index.
- The HUI is selling at the same price as 1 decade earlier, a remarkable valuation!

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