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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty: Understanding Gold Market Sentiment


Bob Moriarty reviews the latest market charts offering key insights on gold and silver junior-shares. Bob is the founder of
- The gold chart suggests price is consolidating enroute to higher prices amid a nascent bull.

That wasn't even a pullback. That was a little blip in the chart...I mean, it wasn't like gold was down, 200 or 300 bucks, and silver down 5 bucks. There was a minor blip, a minor correction. There's a fair chance that we've made it through the correction. But if you look at...the Perth Mint and the US Mint, the reported sales have plummeted.

Nobody's interested in buying from Perth Mint and nobody's interested in buying from the US Mint and the gold store people that I've talked to said people are selling, they're not buying. When you walk into a gold store and everybody's buying, that's when you want to sell. And you walk into the same gold store when everybody wants to sell, that's when you should buy. You don't have to know anything about commodities if you understand human behavior.

- The junior miners in the GDXJ look wildly bullish.
- Bob outlines a bullish contrarian case for the precious metals and resource sectors.
- A close look at the XAU and HUI, PM's shares indexes.
- Bob suggests investing in a wide array of mining shares, at least a dozen, for safety.
- Will the gold mining sector soar 3x? We review previous bull moves with startling similarities.
- Bob views investor skepticism as a strongly bullish case for the PMs sector.
- A family member who 7x'ed with silver bullion in the last rally.

I'll just say sentiment tells me: Gold and silver and gold shares are going to go a lot higher.

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