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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty: "We are at peak insanity."

Bob Moriarty, founder of, gifts viewers with a remarkable, MUST-HEAR show!

- "Snowball Derivatives" caused a avalanche in China's CSI 1000, key stock index - might contagion cross the Pacific?
- Gold Junior Miners analysis.
- Will the Middle East conflict trigger financial challenges?
- Sun Tzu's corollaries between warfare and investing.
- Fascinating war stories from a pilot who survived over 800 flying missions!!!
- Geopolitical opinions.
- Bob describes in intriguing detail, his Near-Death experience (NDE) in 1967.
- Dr. Raymond Moody coined the term.
- Bob details alternative healing for stomach issues, involving antibiotics.
- Bob thinks "total-chaos" could unfold more quickly than many pundits believe.
- It's advisable to be a prepper, filling the pantry with non-perishables as well as gold and silver.
- 99 cent Kindle book about Bob's dogfights in combat! "Crap Shoot" Buy here:

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