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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Craig Hemke Analyzes Michael Burry's $1.6 Billion Bet


Founder of TF Metals Report, Craig Hemke returns to with constructive commentary on the domestic economy and the gold-price.

1.19 - Will Michael Burry's 1.6 billion bet 10x Scion Capital or a powder keg with a short-fuse?
2.20 - Analyzing the extraordinary subtle nuances and risks associated with buying options.
5.12 - The benefits of prudent options investing.
5.40 - Why the brilliant author / investor, Professor Nassim Taleb would undoubtedly dismiss the notion of wagering 90% of funds on any single, risky options-bet.
6.04 - How Burry's bet is the precise antithesis of Taleb's successful "barbell" strategy.
7.15 - Will disappointing employment figures shift the narrative to an FOMC rate-cut cycle.
9.05 - Will the FOMC begin a rate-cut cycle at the Dec. meeting and what might it mean for the markets?
10.15 - Will the rate-cut cycle ignite a gold-breakout to record highs?
11.20 - Silver reaching a bottom support level?
12.30 - Mining shares outlook.
14.01 - Uranium and copper shares.
16.32 - The current S&P P/E ratio (22) may be overvalued given the traditional (15), especially relative to gold and related hard-asset classes.

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