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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Haggith: Fed Rates vs. Economic Realities


David Haggith takes a hard look at the macro-economic themes with key insights on our favorite markets and sectors. David is head of The Daily Doom, rejoins the show,

- We review the US GDP, currently within a wildly bullish uptrend with no hint of recession.
- Next, David examines the US Unemployment rate, clearly rolling over, signs of economic strength.
- Will inflation continue plague the typical domestic household budget.
- The crude oil market chart suggests several technical divergences.
- Gold continues to hold over $2,000 for 3 months - are new highs imminent?

So in the short term, I wonder if gold is going to be challenged because if the Fed raises rates, that's probably not going to be good for gold in the short term, I don't think it's got far to go to raise rates.

However, before the economy breaks, I think the economy is weak. What the Fed needs, what the Fed is trying to do is cut inflation, and maybe people think, well, that has to be done by suppressing the economy. But I think the economy is going to break well before they ever get to that point of getting inflation down where they want to see it go.

Now that these pressures are pushing it back up, so what I see is the Fed tightening until something breaks and of course, when something breaks that, that could be wonderful for gold. So I wouldn't personally be surprised to see [gold] take that route you're talking about. I just questioned how big the hiccup is in between if the Fed does raise rates. 

- David makes a compelling case for the financial sector to roll-over.
- Will the merger of AGI and Quantum Computing yield explosive gains?
- Could the AI sentience "singularity" occur much sooner than anticipated?
- A young scientist just created a headset that searches the internet ONLY VIA THOUGHT!
- A fun thought experiment: Roko's Basilisk

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