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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Haggith: Gold and Silver a Protection Against CBDC


David Haggith returns to the show with key insights on the financial markets. David is the author of The Daily Doom.

0.25 - This week's FOMC quarter point rate hike.
1.01 - Will policymakers push rates higher?
1.24 - Bank sector challenges.
2.50 - Housing sector - Case-Shiller Index.
4.11 - Is the domestic economy facing a 1970's style economic crisis?
5.02 - Global trends in CBDCs, central bank digital currencies.
7.20 - How might CBDCs impact financial markets.
10.02 - Gold and silver investments.
11.10 - 1% of portfolio investment in Bitcoin / Ether and cryptos for diversification - asymptotic advances.
12.45 - Value in the crypto-space.
13.22 - US equities - new bull market or end of the era?
15.11 - Will the Fed change rate direction and how might that impact stocks?
18.10 - Climate change and drought?

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