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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Harry Dent: Economy Will Fall Apart


From his NY office, Harry S. Dent Jr., "The Dean of Demographics," founder of, says don't expect an economic, "soft-landing."

- $5.2 trillion over two years of FOMC stimulus, is holding the domestic house-of-cards together.
- Monetary stimulus and tightening takes years to impact rates slower than expected.
- MBA Mortgage purchase index.
- US housing starts (ominous signs)
- Gold could hold firm amid the next prices, relative to other assets.
- Shares of stocks in India, could represent a relative value.
- A US Navy article claims China's ship-building potential is 100x's the domestic output.
- BITCOIN! A digital solution, worldwide for numerous fiat money flaws!
- Will Bitcoin remain "digital-gold" in the global, digital economy?
- Will Bitcoin soar to $150,000+ in the next bull leg; perhaps $1 M in the coming years?
- Economic cycles analysis.
- Harry Suggests: The Lessons Of History By Will & Ariel Durant
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