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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Harry Dent: Gold Could Go Up to $3000 to $5000


From his office in New York City, Harry S. Dent Jr., "The Dean of Demographics," founder of, sees recession on the horizon for the domestic economy.

- Policymakers have injected over $5 trillion in stimulus.
- Money velocity continues to decline, hinting at a speculative financial bubble.
- Sharpest rate hike cycle in history. We've never had a rate hike this steep. That alone is an almost-guarantee of a recession. People are in delusion right now. We are in a coo-coo economy and the only way to get back to normal is to have a crash and a recession. 
- Once the financial bubble bursts, the 90 year cycle will complete.
- Coma-Economy.
- Are assets so overvalued that virtually any investment is risky?
- John Hussman's economic outlook.
- Could the markets lose 14 years of gains?
- Are high-end residences most at risk, facing 70% price reductions?
- Has a decade of easy-money and overleveraging leading to the deepest recession in modern times?
- Demand from India could be a major long-term bust for the PMs sector.
- Will South-East Asia ignite the next economic bonanza.
- Dent doesn't invest in individual companies; 99% of companies valuation will go down. There is nowhere to hide except safe havens in bonds and gold. 
- Dent prefers bonds first, and gold if you want diversification; not commodities, and not silver as silver acts like a commodity. Gold has safe haven status that will hold up best. Dent thinks it will go down.
- Circumstances that could lead to $3,000-$5,000.
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