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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- KINESIS CEO Thomas Coughlin: Bringing back Gold & Silver as money

Kinesis.Money CEO, Tom Coughlin returns to the show with updates on the spectacularly successful Kinesis platform - the show host and crew have tested and enjoy using the platform.

  • “The vision for Kinesis is to deliver an evolutionary step beyond any monetary and banking system available today.”
  • "Kinesis is striving be the most efficient and trusted stable coin in the market today."
  • "Kinesis has several tokens they are launching, their primary currencies being KAU and KAG.
  • "Their two digital currencies are backed by precious metals gold and silver."
  • "These are time-tested stores of value that have never lost prominence in the centuries they have been used for commerce, and investment worldwide."
  • "Kinesis is more than just a cryptocurrency or stablecoin. It is a full monetary system with several tiers that has extravagant benefits to those that choose to be a part of their institution."


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