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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Louis Navellier: The World Is Nearing Mass Starvation


Louis Navellier, esteemed Money Manager with an astounding knack for identifying key investments, and an OG quant, critiques the stock-bears, expecting his favorite tech stock to explode to $1,000!

- Do the bears on Wallstreet have it wrong?
- The recent 3-day Treasury auction suggests its time to add gold to the portfolio.
- Is the world on the cusp of global-starvation?
- Analysis of the Ukraine conflict.
- Louis is neck deep in High Tech shares and Energy!
- Saudi Arabia and Russia are cutting oil production, sending oil higher.
- Nvidia continues to impress as a monopoly - be sure and listen for next year's price target!
- The dual themes of AI and crypto-mining could help send Nvidia higher.
- AI evolution could eclipse exponential growth, resulting in "Lucy" like combinatorial advancements.

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