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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Lynette Zang: Silver As Barter, Investment & Gold Price Suppression is honored to welcome back the Founder of, Chief Market Analyst, Lynette Zang, with stunning insights on the precious metals sector.

Ms. Lynnette provides ongoing economic education and access to curated resources, research, and weekly insights on macroeconomics, central banks, currencies, and the global reset.

- Is the global economy on the cusp of a global bank run?
- Where should every investor hold their PMs bullion?
- Are we facing economic conditions rivaling the 1970's stagflationary episode?
- What are the implications of counterparty risks?
- How to sustain a reasonable living standard amid global economic chaos.
- Winning with the local community.
- The universal barter tool.
- How important is the risk of confiscation?

Silver is a universal barter tool, right? So, no matter where you are in the world, you want to make sure that you can buy those strawberries or put a gallon of gas in your tank or things like that and so, for me, personally, I'm not concerned about a confiscation of silver. So, I definitely like my pre-64s because I've got dimes, quarters, half dollars, and full dollars, but I'm also okay with silver in any form...

- Gold and silver both share monetary qualities.
- True diversification.
- Rising gold price, near all-time record highs, suggests lost confidence in fiat.
- A key example of hyperinflation, in real-time!
- Gold offers an enticing alternative to over-priced assets.

Since gold, the price of gold, the visible price of gold in the market that's tied to the spot market has been so suppressed then eventually in the U.S., just like it is in all other countries, there will be a black market that develops and the price that you're going to have to pay for gold on the black market versus the official price which in the US is $42.22, right? 

Eventually, what's going to be happening is that the suppression when the government and the central banks need to regain that confidence – That is when you will see those two lines low converge and likely go above.

- The deepest-pocketed investors, central banks, are eagerly buying gold and silver.
- A sound money strategy.

If you look at bullion, what you see is that it moves with the market and sometimes there's more of a premium and sometimes there's less of a premium, depending upon supply and demand, right? But, when you go into the collectible realm, that gives you the heads up because that is a physical only market...and when I look at it, if you look at the ultra rarities, so these are like one ounce coins or they could be smaller, they could be fractional coins as well. 

That might sell for many millions of dollars. The smart money. You will see that. Number one, it's trading at the highest level ever right now, right? ...but when they break out of any kind of technical range, the smart money in gold breaks out first. But then (and I'm not suggesting anybody. Spend 15 million dollars on a coin. I'm not suggesting that) you have this category, which is a much more affordable category for most people. That's the category I personally work in. That does a breakout second, and then the spot market does the third breakout. Right? So for information of what's happening, look at the central banks and how much gold they're buying.

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