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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Lynette Zang: "Think Locally And Prepare Globally" is honored to welcome back the founder of, Chief Market Analyst, Lynette Zang, with stunning insights on the precious metals sector. Ms. Lynette, provides ongoing economic education and access to curated resources, research, and weekly insights on macroeconomics, central banks, currencies, and the global reset.

- Is the entire global banking system breaking down?
- Gold and silver are invaluable assets for portfolio preservation.
- Gold and silver remain de facto money for all time and necessary components of industry.

For everybody, just understand that gold and silver in any form is monetary at its base... the most recognizable way is obviously the coins. I like silver for barterability. I like gold for wealth preservation, and I have a whole strategy that's just based upon the repeatable patterns that I've seen since 1987.

Because obviously [I] can't guarantee what's going to happen tomorrow, but the reality is, it keeps happening and we're doing the same thing. You know, most likely we're going to get the same results so it makes it easy to get into position and be at the right place at the right time with the right asset. 

- Is gold the ultimate store of wealth and financial insurance policy for posterity.

What you should ask yourself is what is it that I'm trying to accomplish? Right? Because then you can build everything towards supporting that goal, but let's say that you have a 403(b), for example, a retirement program of 403(b) that you cannot touch I mean, that's one of the hardest pieces to touch, right?

So you have all these fiat money products in there, mutual funds, you know, ETFs stocks, bonds, all that stuff and you know that the dollar is going away. Well, then you want to be properly diversified by having a level of gold. So that if this all goes to zero, as the currency goes to zero, that's when they're resetting this and so it's true diversification. Stocks and bonds are not diversified. They're both fiat money instruments. So, that's just to build goods that they sold. But you need both. Silver is a lot less expensive personally.

- When the price of gold is adjusted by the national debt, is the true fundamental value of gold near $15,000?
- With the US Treasury market on shaky ground, might a torrent of investment funds pour into the PMs sector?
- With the Basel III Accord viewed as a positive for gold, The International Regulations for Banks, with key institutions resume the age-old policy of building gold reserves in lieu of the dollar reserve standard.
- High inflation, global unrest and conflicts could trigger a global herd stampede into gold.
- Similar to the stagflationary 1970's, investments in the PMs could yield sizeable rewards.
- Is the US on the cusp of hyperinflation? Hint: does the sunrise every morning?
- Amid what could be the greatest wealth sea change in history, gold could transfer enormous affluence to it's holders.
- Even the US and Western countries could face a Cypriote-like moment, via overnight currency-revaluations.
- Is gold and silver repression creating the greatest value purchase opportunity of all time?

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