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GoldSeek Radio -- Marc Faber: $1 Quadrillion in notional value of financial weapons of mass destruction..

  • Dr. Marc Faber, editor of the Gloom, Boom, Doom Report, notes a decade of policies holding rates artificially low has backfired, sending the cost of living soaring annually by 8% - eroding purchasing power.  
  • Certain US equities could rebound in 2023, returning to the mean following the sluggish 2022, but share are not yet, "inexpensive."
  • Precious metals remain the safe-haven of choice - Dr. Faber is a 40 year holder of Gold.
  • Gold and silver will maintain their purchasing power. 
  • Given the propensity for monetary profligacy, the precious metals remain the ideal panacea - yet speculation is not advisable. 
  • Precious metals equities are solid investments; bullion offers the greatest relative safety.
  • Interest rates will continue to move higher.
  • $1 Quadrillion in notional value of financial weapons of mass destruction threaten the economic hegemony. 
  • In 2008 the derivatives implosion was diverted - the risk is now immensely higher, resulting with continued monetary expansion - a plus for the PMs sector.  
  • Supply chain disruptions will persist, as producers hold back supply in anticipation of higher retail prices. 
  • Price-controls will back-fire, resulting with increased supply issues and related disruptions. 
  • Viewers are encouraged to bookmark Dr. Faber's must-read report: Gloom Boom Doom by Marc Faber

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