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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Martin Armstrong on Geopolitics and Investing

Martin Armstrong, Head of Armstrong Economics, shares key economic insights on the domestic and global financial arenas.

- Political upset in Europe is driving capital into US markets.
- Both the left and right are upset by what is happening against Russia and the sham lawfare political cases
- Real assets are the only safe harbor against government. They are out of control and will do anything to stay in power
- Martin continues to advocate gold ownership.
- Stay away from stocks that don't involve physical assets
- Crypto will be targeted by governments because they don't want competition for CBDCs.
- Once the PMs sector consolidates, the next leg of the gold bull could unfold.
- Will policymakers eliminate paper cash in favor of digital currencies?
- Geopolitical warning signs.
- Is a major sovereign debt-default imminent and if so, what are the implications?
- Insights on US equities, the S&P 500.

Martin Armstrong's Latest Must-Read Article, Coup of 2020:

- Martin's economic tome is number 1 on

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