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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Miles Franklin's Andy Schectman on the Boon of Precious Metals Clients


Andy Schectman, Co-founder of Miles Franklin, a precious metals firm with over 9 billion in sales, returns to GoldSeek Radio.

0.30 - Miles Franklin added 3 years of new clients in 1.5 months!

2.00 - Precious metals premiums suggest big moves ahead.

5.05 - "Sweet-spot" potential for bullish developments.

6.01 - Vertical advances in Nickel and Lithium hint at higher prices for gold and silver.

7.23 - BRICS nations expected to announce a gold-backed currency.

8.11 - Counterparty-risk - gold and silver panaceas.

12.25 - Importance of diversification.

15.23 - Enthusiasm for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

17.20 - IMHO: Bitcoin = Crypto-Gold; Ether = Crypto-Silver.

17.50 - Bitcoin forecast over the next few years.

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