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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Grandich: Geopolitical Risks Could Send Safe Haven Assets and Energy Soaring


Peter Grandich wishes listeners Happy Labor Day (U.S.), the Wall Street veteran, outlines his latest insights on the nascent bull market in the PMs sector:

  • Upside may be limited in US equities.
  • Balance in the Petro-Dollar arrangement may be destabilized by news that Saudi Arabia joined BRICS.
  • Calls for $300 per barell WTIC oil continue to circulate as the bull market in crude resumes.
  • Geopolitical risks could send safe haven assets and energy soaring.
  • Modular nuclear plants could catapult uranium demand and then price higher.
  • Big value opportunities in gold/silver mining shares; many companies may be trading at 1/5 their true value.

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